Destiny Walden

destiny walden

My name is Destiny Walden and I’m a 15 year old girl born and raised in the Bronx. And I always seem to find myself trapped in society’s “defined lines”.

Defined lines

I am not what you define me as.
Thick girl, brown eyes, crooked smile
The box you put me in labeled “not perfect yet”
Because to be “perfect” you expect me to have perfect teeth, beautiful light eyes, and a body figure the looks like the number 8.
Want me to settle for less and let people take advantage of me while I not stand up for my self.
Stand up for my self.
How can I not stand up for myself if I’ve been doing it for years?
Defined lines.
You have these defined lines, the ones I’m supposed to follow.
Don’t talk loud.
Don’t express your opinion.
Always listen to others.
Be down with the crew.
But what they don’t understand that the defined lines are lines that shouldn’t even exist.
These defined lines that trap people in boxes leaving them to figure out how to make themselves perfect.
But what is perfect?
When I look it up in the dictionary it’s defined as “conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type”
What does the ideal type consist of though?
Absolutely nothing if it has defined lines.



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